Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Pooper Shooter

We listen to the internet radio (WOXY), give you are probably unhelpful comments, possible convince you to seek out one of these and support some bands with your hard-earned dollar.

1. Hide Another Mistake-The 88
Kind of retro power-sunny, with slightly theatrical vocal inflections, overly retro keyboard. Meh. 4/10

2. The Sun Comes Through-Kelley Stoltz
Comes across like a late Beatles Paul McCartney song, where he sings in his cooler, lower register, with a sparse, kind of intense piano and slight beats. I would like to hear more of this. The DJ tells me this is from a Sub Pop EP. 9/10

3. Great Waves-Dirty Three
I missed this song ebcause the dogs were barking really loudly and it was because the doorbell rang, which I didn't hear, then the guy starting banging and it was a BITCHY UPS guy, like he was pissy, like he found a curly on his Big Gulp or something. Anyway, I go to sign his little computer pad and I reach for a pen I think he's gonna hand me and he's all "it's right there" in a pissy voice, and yeah, the pen is clipped under the clipboard, but do I look like the receiving dock, like I sign for packages every day? I totally hate people that act like what they do all day is what everyone else does all day. This song has to get a bad rating because of that guy. Sorry, Dirty Three, you can sue UPS. 0/10

4. Thirteen-Elliot Smith
A Big Star cover from the lamented Elliot Smith, sounds even more retro than the original, which of course sounds retro because it wasn't retro at the time but was really original power pop that distilled many 60s influences into a perfect timeless sound. 7/10

5. Underground-Spy
This song seemed OK, but WOXY went silent for a minute, and now they are playing a different song, but they are still calling it "Underground" by Spy, but it is clearly a different song. This one sounds more like an Elliot Smith uptempo clone. And the Pooper Shooter is getting really frustrated and unhelpful to our audience, which in truth probably skips this feature every week. NR

OK every song is now called "Underground" we're giving up and going to the faves from our collectione.

6. Destination Unknown-Missing Persons
Eat it, cobags. This song rocks in that squeaky 80's bleach blonde android kind of way. No, this song is awesome in all universes. Do the robot. NOW> 8/10

7. What's There to Decide-Sloan
Nova Scotia's own power poppers first album of more shoegazey fare. Here's a drony one from Smeared. Not the best song on the album, but lots of good ones, including the nerdrock masterpiece "Underwhelmed." 6/10

8. I Know-The Beta Band
I think this song has a spoon track on it. Awesome. Random sampling psychedelic retro Scottish popsters, now late and lamented, from an early EP, which is collected on the stellar The Three EPs.

9. Chocolate City-Parliament
I think the Parliament side of Funkadelic is the side I like better. George Clinton FUNKY. 9/10

10. Beating Around the Bush-AC/DC
Earlier AC/DC, from Highway to Hell. Cartoony yet they did not themselves yet become cartoons themselves. Angus and the boys seem tighter more committed to the rocking and the salacious sleaze. The riffs are still central and the song is more uptempo than the usual medium not quite bordering on sludge, yet fully entrenched in sleaze. The Pinkster has a soft spot for Bon Scott and his filthy, filthy band. 7/10