Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Pooper Shooter

edit- from WOXY again, hence my unfamiliarity with many of the songs.
1. Smile 4U-Magnapop
Shit! I remember these guys just being awesome (i.e. she was a babe, and they had this tight, crunchy pop thing going (Hot Boxing). Where the hell did this come from? (Ed.-from 2005(!!!!!)’s Mouthfeel). That’s nine years between albums, kids. I knew I had Hot Boxing, but it seems I also have Rubbing Doesn’t Help. Huh, I’m puttin’ ‘em in. 8/10

2. Evil-Interpol
Hi, we’re the boring, unmelodic Antics-era Interpol. Not poorly put together, but this song does that thing the singing that is kind of like talking and is hook free. I know I am uncool for this stand. Plus, if you name a song “Evil” it better sound like Sabbath or Danzig or worse. And the only thing about Rosemary that should be mentioned is her baby. 5/10

3. Have You Ever-Lake Trout
Starts of with this climbing, seemingly like its gonna get heavy, then it turns into wha? I don’t know. Kind of OK, not a grabber. 5/10

4. Gentelmen-Afghan Whigs
That sinister staccato, tight jangly thing. This song had some sort of sleazy vibe. Don’t watch the video, though, it has all those crazy 90’s angles, and it makes them seem terrible. 8/10

5. Come On Feel the Illinoise-Sufjan Stevens
I love Sufjan, but his Philip Glass on Smarties with a direct quote from “Close To Me” by the Cure, with a little Charlie Brown piano thrown in, is it too much? No, not with the extended instrumental interlude, which I believe quotes “Yoda and the Force” from Empire Strikes Back too, as well as the outro from the Box Tops “The Letter”. 10/10

6. No Eyeliner-The Vibration
Kind of creepy intro with some vibey guitar, then the military snappy snare, and some interesting female vocal. Then it gets a little I don’t know, I don’t love it, but I am slightly intrigued. I would listen to this song again. 7/10

7. Mr. Grieves-TV on the Radio
Goth barber-shop quartet? Is this correct? I don’t know the point but 9/10.

8. That’s Because-Acid House Kings
Pleasant. Probably not for this moment in my life. Seemingly boring, like a less twee, but non-descript Belle and Sebastian song. I just watched a TV show that used the Pixies “Where is My Mind?” and since Fight Club already took that song away, I can’t even be mad, cuz it totally fit in this show, but I think the hipsters would totally freak their shit out about it, if they didn’t already secretly watch this show (teenage girls and pitchfork nerd boys probably are the ones that like it). Anyway, that’s what I was thinking about during this ho-hum song. 6/10

9. Get Up Stand Up-Bob Marley
First and last of all, Bob Marley’s Legend comp is the f***ing Moby “Play” of 10 years ago. Everyone had the tape. Everyone had the CD. It is ubiquitous and I can’t stand even one second of it. It is like the Pina Colada song times infinity. This in no way informs anything about his talent or his legacy. Eat it wann-rasta cobags. And you too douchebag known as “Lippy” 0/10

10. When In Rome-Nickel Creek
What the hell is this? Alt-cheese country? Cheesy-mainstream alt-country? Maybe if there were super hot beefcake and cheesecake in the video for all the boys and girls, but not on “alternative radio”. 2/10


11. Pendulum-Broadcast
Like airy, Beach Boy loving Monomania (dreamy female vocals) but with bleep bleeps. Kind of creepy in a good way. 8/10

12. Bleed Without You Babe-Warlocks
Like the love child of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols. Maybe it is derivative, but I like it. Actually it is more like a BJM song, but good. Didn't Pitchfork crap all over these guys this week. Cobags 7.5/10