Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Music Pooper Shooter

Friday Pooper shooters around the horn. Norbiz (and lots in the comments there). Freedom Camp. Mdhatter. Also Pop Renaissance. Uh, when did that guy get a webpage other than his band one? He has a million times more records than we do, plus he has a more mature sensibility- meaning older and better stuff. Does nobody wish to inform me of the doings on the electronet? Well-rounded Nerdburgers were too busy out Three-Bulling Three Bulls! on the in jokes to get around to it. This week contines to be via WOXY on your internet radio dial.

1. A History of Lovers-Calexico and Iron and Wine
Whoa. These guys doing 60s am pop with some horns. Only caught the last 20 seconds. To remind you Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam is the king of hushed archival sounding country folk music and Calexico does some sort of alt-countryesque stuff, including backing Neko Case (our fave alt-country chanteuse) on her album Blacklisted. 8/10

2. Parisian Dream-Laura Viers
This song didn’t stick with me, I’m giving it a No Rating (NR). I know, really helpful to you.

3. Hot One-Shudder to Think
Before I saw who this was, I noticed a slightly theatrical bent to the slightly interesting song, definitely doing its own thing. These guys got radio play for one song in the 90s- “Ex-French T-Shirt” from Pony Express Record. That song started out all theatrical and odd, but the outro was totally killer. I also believe the lead singer here is married to Nina Persson of Cardigans fame. Lucy bastart. 6/10

4. Cool Kids Keep- America Analog Set
Nice fuzzy intro with some piano, and the fuzz just keeps going. The hushed vocals keep the song from feeling sinister because of the fuzz. A really nice atmosphere. Although, it starts to get sinister, because it is unclear on how he is using the term “the cooler kids”- the real cooler kids, or the rich trendy bastards? Totally unclear. This one is good, nice job WOXY. 8/10

5. Happily Frozen-Sunset Valley
Slightly nasal vocals. These guys probably have 50 Beulah CDs and maybe some of the annoying Ween ones. As much as I am not into this, it’s still OK, but sounds like less than the usually hyper Elephant 6, or maybe Elephant 6 (Elf Power, Apples in Stereo, etc.) on Ritalin. 6/10

6. Going Fetal-Eels
One of those sounds super happy Eels tunes that is actually totally depressing done as a 60s pop ravc up with opening applause and organ and some almost mariachi horns. Actually OK, but one wonders how many songs like this they can crank out. This lacks subtlety though, so only 6/10.

7. Country-Without Gravity
Some slightly twangy pleasant sounding singer-songwriterish song. 5/10

8. Lying-Sam Philips
An affecting rich, deep voice. She really is awesome. The production sounds a little cheap or maybe 80’s-ish, but it doesn’t matter. I really like her voice. 8/10

9. My Own Face…- The Clientele
I like The Clientele, but I wonder whether their shimmery, affected Englsih 60’s hazy psychedelia doesn’t work all the time. This one has some nice guitar in the middle though. I find the title track to their album The Violet Hour to be quite affecting, and this is along those lines. I don’t like the “da da dada da da da” ending on this one. 7/10

10. Transmission-Radio 4
These guys do cheesy “dance punk” of the kind of trashy sort. Really sounds like a live band playing electronic dance music. This song sucks. I love their super cheesewad “Party Crashers” only because the entire song exists for someone to flip their hair at the club while looking better than you.

Fiona Apple-Get Him Back
Thumpety thumping piano, Fiona doing her restrained vamp. I like her slightly more down tempo, doing the slow burn. This is off her new one (the official version). The last 30 seconds kicks it up two spots. She starts to let go. 8/10

Also, Self's "Trunk Full of Amps"- "I got a trunk full of amps, mother------, like Lenny Kravitz, I got a trunk full of amps, mother-------" AWESOME> 9/10