Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First of All, Curse Jonah Goldberg, Curse Him For His Age and Wisdom

He is just old enough to besmirch our nerdly icons. I actually have some serious stuff marinating, but I can't get it to coalesce into coherence. Quit chuckling, peanut gallery. Anyhoo, my point being that I wish that Load O' Dough™ were a little younger, and to have cut his adolescent fever teeth on Counselor Troi (actually, click this one, I expect Jage has it bookmarked), or maybe if he is a sicko, Silk Stalkings, as opposed to our treasured chaste space cakes. We discussed, in a fit of patriarchy, Col. Wilma Deering last week. This week we present the koan of Maren Jensen, go'bless.

We could only imagine the little donut hole himself lusting at the Magnavox console, declaring to Dear Mother "have the broker buy 30,000 shares in Pfizer and Kimberly Clark, A-sap! I would like to be alone with my thoughts." So he said with malice aforethought. Wait, oh what's that? Yes Capt?

Capt. Trollypants: "Tell them to click the Pfizer and KC links for the joke, cobag!!!1!1! These guys ain't geniusus!! Also EAT IT!"

Thanks, C, ya got my back.