Saturday, October 29, 2005

Daylight Savings Screwed Up Friday Pooper Shooter

Don't ask. You know the rounds on this one. Gavin M's got one. Norbiz. Well-Rounded Nerds.

1. Unzip-Cinerama
David Gedge's now defunct follow-up to The Wedding Present, Cinerama, which he dissolved after breaking up with his girlfriend who was in the band, spin tales of lust, failure, longing, disappointment, you know the usual over a retro sound (some horns the occassional xylophone, tasteful guitar). Like Clientele, without the haze, just the cigarette smoke of the morning after the party, where reality becomes painfully clear. As you look over and see the person you either don't like or know you failed to please lying next to you (this really describes most of their songs, not necessarily this one). From the delightfully titled Disco Volante. 7/10

2. I Go with Him-Nina Nastasia
She fits in that stripped down country-esque American vein that Will Oldham (don't really know who that is-Bonnie Prince Billy?) and Iron and Wine fall into. From The Blackened Air. 7/10

3. Jenny Ondioline-Stereolab
Somehow I only heard the extra cocktail-y Stereolab the first time around and not the minimalist, totally awesome 60's space-trip Stereolab. This is the latter, from their first (?) Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements. Oh, this one's 18 minutes and feels more like 4 songs. And will either bore you or transfix you. You'll know by the score what I'll think of your taste if you say the former. Has a very My Bloody Valentine intro. 8/10

4. Lucky Man-The Verve
Kiss off. If the delightful Jedmunds had his music head screwed on straight, he'd worship this song at least, and not Wonderwall, that is if the category was self-important English mid-90's stadium rock. Just admit that you were happy when this video actually came on MTV. Of course, you know that that was two in the morning so I'm talking to a select few of our reading audience. The cobags that didn't have Sega, mind you. (a guilty 8/10)

5. Judge Dredd in Court-Derrick Morgan
From the pre-reggae music style I don't remember the name of signified by the Trojan Records Rude Boy Box. Has some stompy piano where you can feel the proto-reggae beat. A pretty funny song. I heard this on the KEXP world music show a couple of years ago. I also discovered my fave Kenyan music band (Maroon Commandos) on that show. Of course the guy was playing some impossible to find vinyl so I stopped listening to that show. 8/10

6. Transfiguration #1-M. Ward
A pleasant instrumental from an album I don't really listen to. On the country side, but the background of crickets chirping always reminds me of a Yo La Tengo song. Which one? I don't know. Also Jamie R. NR

7. Got Glint?-Chemical Brothers
Nice music...if you're in the bathroom of some lame club but have the feeling you might not be going home along that night, but if you're not in that situation, or maybe riding up some space elevator to some Draconian Orgy with Princess Ardala or teh l4m3 dressed as Princess Ardala (readers choice), then this song is blah. 3/10

8. Worst Thing-Sebadoh
We have already discussed the two Sebadohs. The thoughtful Lou Barlown down- or midtempo songs, and the other ones. The ratios of those songs on the albums are usually 1:5, and the good ones are always the radio tracks. This is not a good one. 1/10

9. Have A Day/Celebratory-The Polyphonic Spree
These guys are either a sick joke or really scary. I haven't heard their new one. This is from their first. Some people really lament the passing of Tripping Daisy whose frontman Tim Delaughter birthed this saccharine cult. 20-some odd robe-clad full orchestra/chorale sounding craziness. 6/10

10. Sub-Culture-New Order
I'm always in between on this one. I feel like I don't like it (NME calls them godlike geniuses, I call them hit and miss). Barn's flat on this one. The drum beats feel even more like paint by numbers, but I seem to remember a bunch of different mixes. Maybe this is the not good one. I usually listen though for the "what do I get out of this?/I always try/I always miss" part. 5/10

11. Bonus not on my computer but I feel like listening to it "Ray Ray Rain" by Bettie Serveert from Lamprey. Pitchfork crapped on their latest, but thank god Pitchfork wasted real estate this week on Destiny's Child's Greatest Hits. Cobags.