Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Belated Wishes

Does the incredible 3B! celebrate more than one thing in a day?Sadly, No!

Does the incredible 3B! give gifts to anyone who doesn't use internet language writing for their internet name? Sadly, No!

Does the wonderful and classy 3B! use bad words to make fun of Bogs when the turn a year older? Sadly, No! thanks to the Hatress (yes that's how it's spelled, cobags) of Bad Words!

Do we care that the bog where the Mighty Mighty Yosef first claimed his title of thycwoti is still running strong? Sadly, No!

Are we Bubbleholes for not recognizing the beginning of a new year of the efforts for evil and Death-Squad Elitists who enforce the gay agenda through their nefarious use of French-Canadian-Deutsche America-hating Cobags who we desperately want to get herpes so that we can steal all of their traffic for ourselves? Sadly, Yes!*

To honor the most popular bog on all the internets**, I tinker with my time stamp and give Seb, Gavin, Brad, Jeff, and Gorge the gift of a Chilly Carly Simon and unretire from my operatic singing career to reprise my greatest performance which should always accompany a Chilly Carly Simon: "AAAHHHHHHHnipplaanipplaanipplaanipplaanipplaanipplAHHHHHHHH!!!"

*Link does not go to the best site ever on the internet which was Sadly, Yes!

** Not actually the most popular Bog, in reality the 751st most popular bog behind WND.