Monday, October 03, 2005

Aborted, Cliched Blog Rants That You Won't See At Three Bulls!

Three Bulls! declares fatwa against Cingular. So evil, that any hyperbole in print is actually true, so libel is right out. I won't give them the satisfaction. They are so stereotypically terrible that any attempt to satirize them is doomed to fail in an apparent cliche of poor, ill-advised satire.

Consider this an open thread.


But not about Cingular douchewads. Oh yeah, blah blah about everything. Smokey Dog munched on MJ', Monday Goldberg Theatre delayed.

Oh yeah- Jedmunds mind melds with me about Arrested Development, as usual, and it is here. A must for your Monday Night Content Fix! Just kidding, I was trying to sound as douchey as possible there. Not about Jedmunds though.