Monday, September 12, 2005

Too Much Snark?

Hey there little guy! Thanks for pooping on my Oreos!

Don't worry folks, we didn't actually catch this guy, no mice were hurt, apparently our landlord is taking a PETA approach, no mice will be hurt, ever. Up with mouse poop!

A letter to my landlord:


This is the weekly 000 Made-up St. mouse infestation update. We are having no luck catching the mice infesting our apartment. They currently are chewing new holes in our stairs. Several holes have been reparied already, but because there is evidence of a large infestation of mice living under our unit, I am afraid new holes are destined to appear. It also strikes me as futile to keep trying to catch mice in our unit, when there are obviously plenty of happy mice under out unit, and they seem to just come into our unit to leave poop everywhere. It just really doesn't seem all that sanitary. Our unit is very clean and we do not leave food out, etc. and have not even found evidence of the mice getting into our food, yet we have found bountiful evidence of their feces throughout our apartment. It seems to me that whenever we discuss what the exterminator actually does, we get several different answers from the office. Recently it has been made to seem that all he does is put out traps, which is fine, but if so, would it be possible to put traps in the crawl space under our unit? The distinct impression we have received based on the actions of those responing to our concerns is that this problem does not seem all that important. I would like to assure you that it is very important to my wife and I, considering the amount of money we have to pay to live amongst mouse crap. I realize that given the problems in the world, this is relatively minor, but I would like to have confidence that it will be dealt with. As usual, please call me to let me know how the situation is being handled. I hope we do not keep having to have these unfortunate discussions.