Friday, September 30, 2005

Three Bulls Health Corner, UPDATE

I couldn't wait, here's the update from RR:

He writes:
I found my 237 cholestorol rating when getting life insurance about 4 weeks ago. A test I took with a real doctor came last week came back and stated the cholestorol was 203. 203 is still worth worrying about but less alarming than 237. The same result of low HDL to LDL cholestorol was maintained, however, the total is significantly different. All possible causes for variance:

1. I fasted on first test (no food midnight-8AM); 2nd test I had only fasted about 5 hours between breakfast and test; that could skew reading but I would think mainly on blood sugar type readings, not cholestorol (comments here from science guy?)
2. 3 weeks time difference - however, I don't think it's possible for cholestorol to drop that much in 3 weeks, esp since I had not yet started lifestyle modification program
3. Dishonesty by life insurance company (I had self-reported cholestorol at 190-200 to get my preliminary quote, they used the higher reading to justify a higher premium)

I will go in for more bloodwork in a week or two with a full fasting type thing like on the first test - assuming the impact of lifestyle modifcation is small (it takes a fair amount of time), we will see whether theory #1 or theory #3 is at play. I hope I get a low reading and theory #3 is shown to be true - partially for my own health, but partially because it may expose a collusive arrangement between Big Life Insurance and Big Oatmeal. They will launch an investigation, and I'll testify before Congress. It will be great.