Friday, September 30, 2005

Three Bulls Health Corner, Episode 2

The Random Randroid updates us on his health situation in his entertaining way.

He writes:
The 237 cholestorol reading was legitimate fasting; however, the suspicious part is that I did it as part of a physical for a life-insurance policy, and they used the high reading to justify the charging of a higher premium than they originally quoted. So they have incentive to inflate the results. I asked to be sent the results of the bloodwork and have yet to receive that, further adding to my suspicion. Still, it sounds too dangerous to fake the reading.

I am going to go to a real doctor and get a real reading as well. Theoretically he also has incentive to exaggerate the readings, but less so than the evil insurance company.

The diet is going ok. I have found that I can eat oatmeal for breakfast provided that I add raspberries to it (raspberries are much higher in fiber than you would think). The diet basically revolves around a low number of calories (1800 per day) and a high amount of fiber (from what I can tell at least 40g per day). It's a little easier to stick to the diet in that high-fiber foods tend to fill you up more than regular foods, so you aren't as hungry.

I probably won't stick strictly to the diet. But if my old eating habits were a 0 and the diet ideal is a 1, I can get myself to 0.6 at least, which probably helps a lot. As for increasing cardio exercise from my current 2-3x30mins per week to 5x30mins per week, that sounds like a lot of work.