Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thank You Bacon Jesus!*

Where have you been all my life? How I needed thou whenst attacked by the vicious murine insurgent yesterday! If this were scratch and sniff I truly would be dead and in the land of milk and honey rivers. Chip passes the info to us, and we receive it like manna from heaven.
Although I think Gregor should refrain unless he wants PupH to chew his booboo off in his sleep. Also this company is officially the best company ever as they have categories for "bacon/meat" "monkeys" "sushi" "catapults" and EFFING "PIRATES!!!!" and even this!!!
WHAT THE EFF? My fave store ever! (Sorry Tease 'N Keys!)

*Bacon Jesus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cookie Jesus. We also take a moment to thank Cookie Jesus for the Take Five bar.