Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Special Guest Post by PupH

I’m so hungry. All I dream about all day long is food but Samsa never feeds me. I’m left searching the interwebs looking for pictures of food but never have I seen a picture so scrumpsdelidelicious as this:

KAT PIE!!!!!! Oh it makes my mouth water just thinking about it! But not just any KAT but a special lil’ KAT named Mason. Mason looks like Audrey Hepburn except he’s a KAT and he looks so delicious and filling. *pant pant*

(Editor's Note: Mason is the cat of the brilliant and beautiful HooHawes and her consort HubbyHawes). While we concur with PupH’s considered opinion that Mason is imminently pie-worthy we certainly would never condone such action on PupH’s part.)

DOUBLE UPDATE: Did PupH just Pie-blog? For more pie-blogging check the worlds only (other) source: here, here, here, here, here, here, here. IT IS THE FAFBLOG>