Monday, September 26, 2005

So The Editors Don't Actually Love Us, And In Fact May Hate Us

so whatev. We will tough it out. What I wanted to not talk about right now is this malaise creeping over myself. Could it be that tonight's Arrested Development was possible the worst episode of the series? I'm sure Jedmunds will post about it, and either agree or disabuse us of that notion. Please feel free to continue to quote on our AD thread, we're still going for the record.

Maybe AD couldn't do it for me, because I need some harder stuff, some stuff to clean out the horrible taste of torture that's just bringing me down.

We have the Human Rights Watch report (the General here, discussed by Hilzoy here, Norbiz here). We havd the nowthatsf*ckedupdotcom situation where American soldiers are trading atrocity pics for amatuer porn. respublica suitably furious here. Americablog on the case here. Of course there is the three stooges affair that was Pat Tillman's death. New details from the San Francisco Chronicle here.

Was it the utter disregard for any semblance of competence that led FEMA to "hire" Mike Brownie back as a consultant (Raw Story reporting on CBS news' report)? Why should they have to pay for that, shouldn't they have gotten all they needed out of his exit interview?

REMA, I mean FEMA: "Brownie what did we do wrong during our disaster management of Katrina"

Brownie: "Well, I pretty much screwed the pooch when I was in charge, but I can't know for sure what I was thinking, I'm just giving you my outsider's opinion."

I can't tell what is getting me down. I really can't. What will it take for me to have the balls to criticize the "troops" for these horrible actions? I'm not damning them all to hell, but this admin is putting these kids through a meat grinder, and won't take any responsibility for screwing them up, or for placing already screwed up people in the field. The administration loves the idea of individual freedom and individual responsibility, but in this case it is everything about the system that is causing the problems. The system is employing borderline personalities. The system is allowing grey areas to fester and essentially allowing this behavior to happen. They have completely lost all discipline and the ability for enlisted men and women to have confidence in their officers, Armed Forces policy, or US military objectives. On top of that they are horrendously overworked. On extra top of that, many if these individuals should just not be in the Army, period. I am not anti-armed forces, but we do not have a "professional army" by any stretch of the imagination. We have a horrible, insular Military culture that breeds inefficiency and cronyism. The use and abuse of Pat Tillman's name shows that to be the case. I think what we have is proof that the cold-hearted cynics we believe this Administration to be are not quite as cynical as we thought, I mean are they so cynical that they would knowingly destroy the effectiveness and infrastructure of the US Armed Forces? Totally delusional would make me feel better that's for sure.

I only know one thing, and that is tonight's Arrested Development was just terrible, and it couldn't have been the show, could it? I really had to look elsewhere, and there were just too many damn places to look.