Monday, September 19, 2005

Salsaghetti: Friend or Foe?

In which Gregor Samsa learns whether dreams really can come true. In this episode, we explore the incongruous delight that is Salsaghetti.

When I first saw this product my jaw dropped! I love Salsa! I love Spaghetti! I love Watermelon! I love Tamarind! I love Hot! But would I love them all together? Ah the age old question.

This product consists of watermelon flavored sour straws with a zesty tamarind marinara. The directions didn’t say that the product needed to be heated so I served mine at room temperature.

Verdict Gregor Samsa: Salsaghetti is our friend but we wouldn’t necessarily call them back the same day. This truly bizarre combo was surprisingly good. However, the product advertised ‘hot’ but in that it was woefully lacking. In my opinion extra heat would have put this candy over the top. Also meatballs would have been a nice touch.

Verdict PupH: Salsaghetti without the tamarind marinara is delightful but the sauce renders it inedible. Also meatballs would have been a nice touch.