Thursday, September 29, 2005

Recuerdo de Mexico!@

In which another excerpted missive from one of our trolls is presented without regard to the sensibilities of the gentle reader.

...and then she says to me, “you filthy pig get out of here!” LOL!!!@! Can you believe it?!!!LOL!

Oh and one last thing LIBERALACE, Cpt. Trollypants IM’ed me and said that Pinko Commo was having a bad day! So Sad!! !!1!! So since it was ‘craft day’ here at the Carcel De Los Locos I thought I wo0d make him a present to cheer him up, a little photo montage of Maj. Shortsniffer and his cat!!11!

Oh does the lil’ Candee bar constantly degrade PinkiePunkadero? So Sadly, Yes!!1! Maybe he should have another Cape Cod or Daiquiri to cheer himself up!1! ROFLMAO!...

… ADIOS & EAT IT!!1!

F.M. Asshat
(aka Jefe Pinche Cobagerismo Chignon!)