Sunday, September 18, 2005


In which Gregor Samsa, opens his art collection and that of his friends to the gentle reader. In this episode, we learn more about one of the key loves of Samsa’s life: PupH.

First off I would like to thank Pinko Punko from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to post on his blog [ed. this is a web page not a blog, Three Bulls! post, not blog, see "intricacies of..."]. I’m sure that he will soon realize the huge mistake he has made and rescind his offer forthwith.

Our first example from the Mystery Art Bage is of a subject near and dear to my heart. PupH is my sometimes nemesis, fulltime companion and one of the loves of my life. The painting, oil on canvas, is circa 2003 and was done on commission by Tucson artist Dougie Weber.

Dougie truly captures the comically regal and turgid* form of PupH. This is an example by a young master on top of his game. The powerful and bold brush strokes are fearless and evocative of PupH’s nature as well as that of the young artist. Dougie’s selection of a surreal background truly captures the circus-dog spirit of PupH with hints of art deco inspiration. PupH’s expression is priceless in its anticipation of reward or direction.
*By turgid I mean swollen with pride and muscle.
PupH is certainly not overweight; rather, he is simply big boned.