Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Most Important News Item EVER

3B! loves food.

Honestly. After the post about putting stuff on cats became a discussion on the finer points of the delicious Take 5 candy bar, it hit me. It hit me like a diamond. A diamond bullet right to the brain. Everyone at this site loves food! All 7 of us 3 Bulls, the lovely Geenie Cola, all the esteemed commenters, and fulsome! We just love food. All kinds of food. I mean, Delish or Disgusting, a site which is loosely related to 3B! somehow (sorry, PP. I haven't read that page in the 3B! manifesto you sent me) is all about food (Spoiler Alert: it's all delicious!)

So when I came across this story on, I knew this could be the new most important story ever (unless Ben Affleck becomes a senator in Va.)

Just imagine: a giant vat of marinara sauce, placed ever so lovingly beside a never-ending supply of...

A heck of a lot of Calamari!

For PupH: Decline of the Redneck Riviera (don't forget from the enchanting Stephanie "for your login needs...