Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Stupid than Pure 100% Distilled Juice of the Stupid Berry

...and we all know how stupid that is. The feigned outrage of Little Green Footballs toward this proposed Flight 93 monument.
They say it looks like a big red Islamic Crescent. Yeah, it does. As Cthulhu points out over at JG's it's BECAUSE THE RED STUFF SHOWS WHERE THE TREES WILL GO. Because most people would be viewing it from space, geniuses. Hmmm, looks like the topography of the region is kind of a bowl shape. I wonder how this memorial would look, to say, people approaching it at eye level? Probably pretty stunning. How many people would think of a "big Islamic crescent"? Probably the same number of people drinking the kool-aid over at LGF. And of course we get some more "nuke them" comments over there. I'll feel a tiny bit bad when Chaz finally has his stroke, but it might improve his brain function. I know, I know ad hominem. I get all crazy when they denigrate Brad R's birthday by tossing around nuclear bombs and idiocy. Full story here.