Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I Was Just Over at Some Super Smart Person Bog

You can tell by the name "Reasoned Audacity". Anyhoo, why do they always have names like that? "Seasoned Perspicacity" "Incontinent Globality" "Stultified Mustard" "Cudgeled Brainstem".

I had to comment because the very important topic of the Pepsico CEO eating at the White House. Apparently nothing is more un-American than Pepsi (even though Branson, MO is a total Pepsi town). I mean they sponsor Jeff Gordon (head over to TBOGG for some roundabout linkies), right? Anyway, because the way they worky comments over there at Incarcerated Perspiration is that you can't really do it, they gots to get screened, I had to post this here. They totally cast aspersions against chocolate-cardamom-mango-cashew ice cream. Now, obviously that would be like eating a mouthful of al Zarqawi's insurgent whip, but you know it probably would be pretty good.

I was all:

"I hate to tell ya, but that ice cream is probably pretty good. I had some cardamom-fig-mango ice cream at an Afghani place once and it was yummy. Don't you think, BTW, that this is possibly the lamest topic to be posting on, besides the yummy ice cream?"

UPDATE: if this is some total guerrila marketing by Coke, hats off guys, you've taken cynical to a new level. Charmaine the shill is genius! I mean, thank Gee oh Dee that P-line is on the train (holla, Michelle, Tameka and Tanya!) railing against Pepseroni, I mean it's like they are torturing us. P-line stands up to torture (yeah yeah, it's old news, whatev). Classy.