Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Love Powerline

Powerline writes this about David Frum saying this:
To review the wild, contradictory, and utterly opportunistic charges from the administration's critics is to enter a realm of madness. . . .Is there not something bizarre about their willingness to fire off accusation after accusation, each contradicting the last? The disaster was caused by the Bush administration's failure to protect the environment from global warming .... no, no, it was caused by the administration's refusal to manipulate the environment by funding more levees to control the Mississippi River .... it's Iraq, no it's budget cuts, no it's wetlands, and on and on and on.
Good God, what is wrong with these people? Will they ever learn to see somebody else's misfortune as something more than their political opportunity?

When people die, you want to try to assess whether it could have been prevented, and to prevent it in the future. On top of that, if someone was negligent, i.e. irresponsible (they love that word responsibility), they then should be held accountable (they love that word accountable). So, if you used 9.11 for constant political gain, what does that make you? On the opposite side, how else can one make government work for the people, other than blaming those responsible and in essense, firing them. Yes, firing some douchewads would lead to Democrats' political gain, as well as that of the country. Who's really putting politics and political gain above the well being of the people? Bushwad could fire Brown or Chertoff cuz they are morons, but that wouldn't be politically expedient. I would say the shoe is on the other foot.

Little does John Hinderaker of Powerline know that he's about to be a star of Monday Goldberg Theatre.