Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Music Pooper Shooter

Courtesy of WOXY once again, truly random, truly 10. Plus one.
1. Black Star-Radiohead
“Filler” from the Bends. It shows how far this band has come when a perfectly nice rock, swirly Bends track seems almost passé. 6.7/10

2. Shuffle You Feet-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
BRMC drop their Jesus and Mary Chain fetish for a 60s strum-folk filtered through Dylan, the La’s and obscure Brit indie like My Drug Hell. I know Seitz is more into this than me for sure. But basically this isn’t that far a step from their previous, except they unplugged basically. I wish they had stayed plugged in. 5/10 for boringness, execution is just fine.

3. This Is the Way-Devendra Banhart
Anthony and the Johnsons and Joanna Newsome and DB constitute this wave of what I would consider chamber folk. It is totally tasteful and really quite good. He doesn’t do it for me, maybe this song isn’t sad enough, or maybe his vibrato isn’t doing it for me. Personally I think it just needs a massively depressing music video and I would be all over it. 7/10

4. The Holiday Song (Treated)-Frank Black
Frank from Frank Black (himself) and also the Pixies of course, with some Memphis? horns. This song actually sounds more prog or weird in away, the horns don’t hit you in that old R/B way, it seems older than that, or weirdly programmed. Interesting. 6/10

5. Curious-Holopaw
Whoa. A crazy voice. In between the Cocteau Twins lady and the Iron and Wine guy. With a scratchy throat. Over some plucky guitar and some strings. Hmmm. Unrated. I need to get used to the voice, which isn’t that weird really, just weird enough.

6. Eskimo-Versus
Chugga chugga indie blah. 4/10

7. At Home He’s a Tourist-Gang of Four
Whether this is new or old, it’s them doing their herky-jerky twang-a-lang. Messers Franz and Ferdinand laugh all the way to the bank, cuz they dressed it up for the VIP lounge and twang-a-langed and added a DUN DUN DUN right into your ex’s (she dumped you) Papasan chair, and you are pissed. 7/10

8. Sorry About Your Irony-El Ten Eleven
Should be a 10 on the title alone. The intro sounds a little Police-y actually, in a “wrapped around…” outro way. Huh. Uh oh, feeling a little weird now, starting to sound instrumental-ly. Like the Vegans of indie these guys seem to be. Sorry about that dudes, you can’t blow a cool title like that on a pleasant, but albeit vocal-less-instrumental. You have 5 seconds to start singing……you lose. 3/10

9. Leaves Do Fall-The Rosebuds
Is this a cover? Like some psychedelic cowboy music. Hmmm. 6/10
10. Instruments of Action-Forget Cassettes
Awesome 20 seconds start, then downhill. I don’t want to listen to the rest. It’s probably OK, but I want something different and better. Ooh, it has so me cool rocking bits at the end. I think these guys might be like a bad Fiery Furnaces. But I really can’t tell because FF is beyond me at this juncture. 4/10


11. I’ll Believe in Anything-Wolf Parade
I forget why these guys are the shit. Some people are in them from somewhere else. This song comes across like an organic Gary Numan. No really. It does, and I like it. 8/10