Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Music Pooper Shooter

Today we did a real random. It's called the R-A-D-I-O. We listened today to WOXY on the internets because we didn't want any chance of having to blow a slot on Linkin Park (I'm lookin atchoo don'tEATnachos). WOXY is here, and they have an OK feed, it's probably better if you go through them than your iTunes tuner. Obviously it is Friday so we got our faves around the webs, we got Uncanny below, Fulsome (and don'tEATnachos in the comments there) at Well-Rounded Nerds, Norbiz is always on his game (motherscratchin' hurricane be damned, although he's out of the fryin pan) and mdhatter at his abode. And we got Gregor's and pr's in comments too, so a good week.

And we make an auspicious start:

1. These are the Fables-New Pornographers
So there's this malicious rumor goin' around that these guys are better to listen to on shuffle. While that might have been accurate for their earlier two awesome albums, it's total bunk on the new one. 10/10 on principle

2. Nothing Gives Me Pleasure-Josh Rouse
Take some cold medicine guy. Maybe a little (lot) too straight ahead for me 3/10

3. The Sun-Must Be You
Intriguing retro yet a little grimy guitar opening, then hits with a not the most interesting singer. OK for the radio. I guess. And then out of nowhere it gets all awesome at the end- here's the lines: “You forgot your dagger when you left/6 inches deep and buried in my chest/and if you come back to look at the blood/I’’ll slap your hand away/because at least I loved you" That dude is all in your FACE!!! 10/10 for that line alone.

4. Pretty Little Neighbor-Giant Drag
Atonal chick sounding like an indie rock giant drag (wah wah, too obvious, touche, douchefork). It just doesn’t sparkle. 2/10

5. Super Love Attack-Carnivalore
Like a shoegaze lurching Dinosaur Jr./Ride hybrid with organ. Although I don't know which is the band or the song. Bueno! 7/10

6. Clear Spot-Pernice Bros
-10 points for kind of sounding like the intro to the Pixies “Debaser”. I try so hard to like these guys but they are boring. BO-ring. 0/10 (update, they could have had a perfect score, but it was -10 points)

7. The Russian-The Bees
Starts off sounding like it is gonna be some choogling organ and beat instrumental. Something that they would subject you too on KEXP, and you would secretly curse the DJ for wasting your time. And then it gets noodley with some regge beat. SUCK. When's Widespread Panic gonna come on and suck more? Kidding. Maybe -infinity out of 0 (it had no chance)

8. 99th Dream-Swervedriver
Hey wait, I own this I think, and I don’t remember it starting all Dick Dale on me. Kind of like older Catherine Wheel. More muscular shoegaze. I think this song is pretty good. I need to go dig it out so I can appreaciate it at more the 48 kbps/resolution. There are some subtleties here that might require a close listen. 8/10

9. The Good People….-Her Space Holiday A little too minimalist for me, you know quirky non-instrumentation. Sounds almost like a bad attempt at the divine Animal Collective. Then some weird sub-Portishead lady comes in. I don’t hate this, but it can never be good I think. 2/10 (I guess I hate it)

10. Forgot to get a 10, gonna do it live (I am listening to something cool by Early Miners called Bijou right now on Indie Pop Rocks, but I'm gonna switch over to WOXY.....Death Cab, not a good one...switching back to something else....Oh another Her Space Holiday song, yeah I hate them. I would show up late to the show if they were opening. And I never do that. EVA. Although they might grow on me, I guess 5/10 -it's better than the other one for sure- it's called "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend"