Thursday, September 08, 2005

Friday Music Pooper Shooter

OK Kids, we do these go arounds, not to name drop- we hope we mention the occasional song that might steer you clear of a bum buy, or maybe jog your memory to remind you to buy something at the record store. You know how you get to the record store, and you just forget everything you want to buy, and end up getting something crappy in the bargain bin cuz it was on sale? Yeah, we know that happens to you to.
1. Leather-Death in Vegas
Sounds vaguely retro- fuzzy and electronic at the beginning and then goes into a pseudo 80s thing, maybe cross M83 (My Bloody Valentine with synthesizers) and the most organic parts of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (the synth). This is an instrumental that sounds like it has been in a bunch of movies. From the interesting, maybe more as background music Scorpio Rising. Jedmunds might like this album because it has a Gallagher Bro. cameo. 7/10

2. Gloria (live)-The Doors
I once put this on a mix for my little sis. I think this is a bootleg. I thought it was a fun song. I of course had never bothered to listen to how incredibly dirty it is. Here is a song where you can here that the Doors are actually a tight live outfit, and essentially a jam band, without the noodling. Sounds like Jim is screwing the hell out of a coed, and of course describing every last bit of it. 8/10

3. Supermarket-Tom Tykwer
From the Run Lola Run soundtrack. This is a fun electronic soundtrack, it reminds enough of the film, which I really love, and I think it never gets old. Some people think the repetition is boring, but you always see something new upon watching it over again. The whole soundtrack will eventually be totally dated, but it is listenable. Even with the whisper/talking. 6/10

4. Commit a Crime-Mr. Airplane Man
Boston electric blueswomen cover a Howlin' Wolf classic. All I can say is that these gals lay on thick slabs of electric slide guitar doing the White Stripes only guitar and drums thing. These ladies sound more organic and less derived than the Stripes (although I love them). The songs on Moanin' whence this was taken are more straight ahead, but this album and their new one are both great. And when she just wails "You mixed my drinks/ with a can of Red Devil lye/Then you sit down/ watch me/ hopin' that I might die" it just blows you away. 1 billion/10

5. Random Jay-Z/G'N'R mash-up-DJ Axel
Not entirely unsuccessful mashes up Jay Z (a bunch of ones) with Paradise City by Axl and the boys. Just doesn't hit that perfect mash-up vibe where you hear a new song out of the original two. 4/10

6. Clean My Wounds-Corrosion of Conformity
Possible stoner rock antecedent, way to tight to be grunge, nice and crunchy, not technical enough to be crazy metal, in its own spot. I could probably tell you it was Queens of the Stone Age with a guest vocalist and you'd buy it. Has a nice riff, but is repetitive in the same way as QOTSA. From Deliverance. 7/10

7. I Don't Mind-Buzzcocks
I love the Buzzcocks. I have Operators Manual, a sort of greatest hits. These guys are just great, in a way the songs run together, but I feel like they hit a lot of "Judy Is Punk" type moments (Ramones)- little bits of melody that come out of nowhere. The Ramones can get too cartoonish sometimes (Amandagon just went insane, but she'll never see this) even though I love them, I feel like I might like the Buzzcocks better, as far as super talented shitting out hits 70's punkers go. 8/10

8. The Past and the Pending-The Shins
People that know The Shins might have though all the non-"New Slang" songs made them a one trick pony, but that song, and more particularly this one shows them to be craftsman of the utmost delicacy. A perfect album closer, especially with the French horn- is that what we decided it was, Uncanny? or is it a muted trumpet? Whatever. Awesome. From Oh Inverted World. A google/10.

9. Reverence-The Jesus and Mary Chain
From Honey's Dead, where they added more Alan Moulder-y produced grind and grime to their fuzz. This was their controversial first single where they exclaimed "I want to die like Jesus Christ/I want to die on a bead of spikes/...I want to die just like JFK/I want to die in the USA." I have mixed feelings on this one, the album closing redo "Frequency" where they play it as a strummer and not a grinder, and quote The Modern Lovers' "Roadrunner" ("with the radio on....") is more successful. 6/10

10. The Back of Love-Echo and the Bunnymen
The bass starts the real movement here with the guitar weaving in and out of other lanes, and the stacatto delivery matching the percussion. I love these guys. Perfect 80s new romantic? help me wikipedia? No dice. Whatev. From Porcupine. 8/10


11. Powerslave-Iron Maiden
Absolutely TERRIBLE lyrics, but somewhat accurate account of the birth, death and ressurection of Osiris, the Egyptian god of a bunch of stuff. Good example of their ouevre, especially the galloping scale that is repeated throughout. Then it hits a time change, with tasteful solo number 1 (Adrian?) which then probably folds into a different yet still actually tasteful solo (Adrian still?) and then they join for the guitars in harmony, then solo #3 (Dave?), drum breakdown (Nicko), back to the galloping. 6/10

But you get this!