Thursday, September 22, 2005

Because This Whole Exercise of Existence is Futility

Sorry, Papi, we're gonna have to give this one back, for the greater good.

...I was just thinking what I would give in this world for George W. Bush to not have been elected. Would it have changed anything. I'm inclined to say a whole fuck of a lot. Even in 2004? Maybe not so much about Katrina because it would probably take a good three years to clean out the accumulated mouse turds out of the various gutted and defiled Departments of Uselessness created by Dear Leader. BUT. If I were omnipotent AND all powerful (shout out to my kidz at Powerline), I would give back the Sox in 2004 and let the Yankees win for the next 25 years. Does that sound ridiculously serious? Well I am. The vein has literally popped out of my forehead. Please leave your message in comments. Gregor would you give up carnitas? Yosef, would you give up pulled pork? md would you give up bacon? Uncanny would you give up ALL the creatures whence these meats come? Don't hate me Brad R.