Monday, August 08, 2005

Who has been constantly degrading me this week? An occasional series.

Crossposted at Republic of Dogs.
Last night, while endlessly trying to find parking, I was constantly degraded by a gentleman on his bike riding in complete obliviousness. What was his misdemeanor, nay, felony, against me? Was he riding his bike at night wearing no reflection and listening to his douchey iPod? No, that would be the usual for around here. He was having an explicit love affair with his ice cream cone. His session of cone-ilingus was degrading to my very core as he weaved to and fro in front of me. In fact it was more like he was fellating his ice cream cone while taking up two lanes of the road. I mean I love ice cream and all but Cookie Jesus Who Art in Heaven (C.J.W.A.I.H.) rent a g*ddamn room with that thing and get off the road.