Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When I feel forsaken...

When Cookie Jesus cannot console me with his average Newman's Own "Ginger Sandwich" cookies or his even grosser (yeah, that's the Word) Oreo knockoffs, I turn to his Father.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster knows all, and nowhere is hidden from His Noodly Appendage. So when I read that W. supports Intelligent Design being taught in our classrooms, I knew it was The Flying Spaghetti Monster just f*cking with us, because His Noodly Appendage has a weird sense of humor.

Then I realized it was true. The only thing I can say before the brownshirts raid the lab is "Uncanny! Destroy the embryos! Leave no evidence!". Save us, FSM! Please support Pharyngula and venganza.org (home of all this idolatry I borrowed) to help put a stop to this nonsense, and keep the Flying Spaghetti Monster where he belongs, in our hearts not in our schools.