Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wait until you see this cartoon...

Vodkapundit shows us this cartoon, and let's explain exactly what it means.

And he claims that someone, somewhere is "busted" by it. This post of his is the equivalent to trying to regale your coworkers with the retelling of some joke about Mimi from the Drew Carey show in year 7. It's just not funny, and you shouldn't be telling it, it will only make you look bad. This guy puts the coconut in the macaroon. We have all the old conservo-douchery in the same unbelievably lame cartoon. A cartoon that makes Mallard Fillmore look sophisticated. Let's bring out the ol' chestnut of the NY Times liberality and then claim they aren't covering some non-story about Air America- you can hear the LOL!! ROTFLMAO! from here. The deafening chorus of "hehs" explodes upon our eardrums. These guys are complete ninnies. Please tell us how shitty our page is to prove our point for us.