Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Three Bulls! Wanders to the Flipside, Gets Spanked, Ponders Existence

Dear Readers and Assorted Internets Flotsam,

This weekend Three Bulls! attempted to have some japes and laughs at Little Green Footballs. It is hard to express LGF unless you have been there. It reminds of Free Republic, but in a way, Free Republic is much more free and there is not such a unity and monotony of thought.

Let us take you through events as they unfolded...

It so happened that Sadly, No! has become infested with trolls, as discussed below. These trolls led some of us to desire to see how "the other half lives" and thus an expedition to LGF was proposed. Unbeknownst to us naive "leftists" the right side of the internet likes to squelch discussion, and it turns out that you must register to comment at LGF, and most of the time, LGF registration is closed, thus disallowing interaction with members of that community about topics that are discussed there. This is the proprietor’s choice, and his prerogative. When it was observed that registration was indeed open on LGF this Saturday, yours truly decided to register for account(s). I say plural because it was the intent to have others enter the board, and provide "moral support". Let us know see Charles Johnson's (proprietor of LGF) side of the matter:
When I opened registration this afternoon, a veritable herd of trolls began trying to register multiple usernames, with free “throw away” email services and anonymous proxies to hide their identities. I’ve blocked at least seven of these bogus accounts (registered with names that reek of anti-Semitism).

Leftist tactics at their ugliest; they give themselves permission to lie, cheat, steal, and stalk their “enemies,” with no concern at all for morality or decency.

I’m watching, moonbats.
Let me remind you that at this point, not a word had been posted, so it is unclear how this could qualify as "ugliest" or even "leftist" for that matter. As for lying, cheating and stealing, again there is no evidence of that. The intent that one has when registering can not be proven or detected, only upon actual comments can it be determined. As for the whiff of anti-Semitism, that would be disturbing, but is there any evidence for that?
Let us continue:
UPDATE at 8/20/05 10:12:02 pm:

One of these people, who registered three different names with an account tracing to X University, actually had the gall to post a comment in this topic.

UPDATE at 8/20/05 10:31:31 pm:

Some of these creeps are coming from here [Sadly, No!], where they’re congratulating each other on being such excellent morons. What a sad, twisted bunch of losers.

A few of the names they tried to register:

My goodness, the first three names certainly don't strike one as "anti-Semitic", maybe "Semitic" or in fact pro-Israeli even. The last one- that possibly seems troubling, but it is not SSMajor, let's see the comment posts by MajorSS- to see if we can determine intent:
#177 MajorSS 8/20/2005 09:01PM PDT

#143 Catttt
Welcome to new LGFers. I remember waiting for days, then pouncing happily when Charles opened registration.

Thank you, Catttt. I'm a fresh new baby LGF'er and am honored to have joined. When it seems like everyone else is starting to forget 9/11, it's heartening to have places like this.

So this is a "galling" comment? Would it have something to do with Nazism or anti-Semitism? No, in fact what is galling to those on the hard right is that someone outside of their club would even mention 9/11 as if it only happened to their side of the country. I would grant that it could have been much more of a wake up call for them in their ultranationalist bubble, and a blow to their hyper patriotic pride, but 9/11 was a blow to all Americans. Just because their grandstanding and chest thumping is louder, more garish, and hollow doesn't mean that that day didn't affect all of us. So what is galling is the puffed-up offense that Mr. Johnson takes to the invasion of his den of racism and bigotry. In fact a current post on LGF now is a discussion that makes it seem like only LGF and their ilk even give two shits about what happened that day. I'm not going to sit back a relate how myself and every single person I know remembers exactly where they were that day, and who knew people on Flight 11, and whose cousin's cousin worked in 2 WTC, but happened to be at a meeting uptown and who was flying over the Atlantic right when it happened, because that would already be self-evident. Only a completely self-deluded megalomaniacal moron (ad hominem?, you betcha, but every single one of those attributes would affect one's ability to reason and hold reasonable beliefs, so I'll allow it) would not know that. See were judging him by his actions, not his intent. In fact he closed someone's account on LGF after they had posted over 1400 posts, many of which had been applauded highly, because he determined that the intent behind them merely was to determine the how LGF would response to inflammatory statements and hate speech, responses that were uniformly positive.

The difference between reason and unreasonable, is reason would be in Afghanistan now, have been there faster after it happened and in greater numbers and not compromise that situation before the job was done, but that is a discussion for a different day. I submit that many on LGF never gave a single let alone second thought to the Taliban before 9/11, and probably would have whole-heartedly concurred with Mr. Wolfowitz's assertion that there was no "history of ethnic conflict in Iraq" along with lapping up the laughable link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, but I continue to digress.

So Mr. Johnson has essentially no evidence of any foul play whatsoever at this point, but apparently he has determined that this is behavior at its "ugliest" and most deceitful. I'll grant that the behavior was based on deceit, but he had no evidence of that whatsoever. His misunderstanding of pro-Israeli terms, coupled with the unfortunate abbreviation of Major Shortssniffer (one of our fave trolls on Sadly, No!) to MajorSS, led him to conclude that a plot was underway. While we very much admit the plot, we certainly would not want Mr. Johnson in charge of a court of law, or God-forbid a London tube-station police detail. We would add that the insulation of his rabid brood from the worst we could offer them- speech and speech alone- strikes with us a chord the rings throughout the conservative world.

The chord is one of the "danger" of speech. "The insurgents are emboldened by speech." "The morale of Iraqis is suppressed by speech." "People are traitors by speech alone." These thoughts that our raping, murdering, torturing insurgent enemies are powered or inhibited by American discourse in the media are absolutely risible (yay a blog word!). If someone is already willing to lay down their life for their cause, how much more motivated do they have room to be? This is not about a decision to eat the last Ding Dong, even though you know you shouldn't, let's ask Oprah for 101 tips how not to do it, oops I did it because I had low self-esteem. The Lizardoids on LGF have a sad pathology, their desire is for the world to be a certain way, therefore if they enforce those desires and beliefs on others, then the world will become the way they believe it to be. I would liken it to Ben Shapiro's inevitable disgust at his probable desire to masturbate- the worse he feels about himself, the greater his desire to legitimize his choice of virginity and impose his beliefs on others, hoping that they will in turn legitimize him.

One last note: LGF maintains there massively pro-Israeli stance as being staunchly anti-anti-Semitism. This is clearly false, they are merely anti-Muslim. In fact, they constantly use racialist and nationalist language straight out of classic anti-Semitism and Fascism to support their anti-Muslim views. Their very use of the term "Islamofascist" is merely to engender a reactionary, nationalist response against it. This utter belief in the clash between cultures and the inevitability of such clashes is a pillar of Fascist literature. I point you to this quiz of LGF's greatest hits so you can see for yourself.

If Mr. Johnson had only let me post, I merely wanted to discuss with him the new Weezer record, which most certainly must suck, and he has discussed the fact that he was listening to it with the whole world, and get his opinion on In 'N Out Burger. He never knew that the most deceitful intent in my heart, being uncomfortable aping the hard core bootlicking nationalism and obsequiousness ever-present in his domain, was to ask him if he too enjoyed that last bite of juicy I-N-O burger, with the combination of crispy griddle-toasted bun, and cool lettuce and tomato with just the right amount of special sauce- if he too believed that the last bite was in fact even better than the first*. Could it have possibly been that such a demented character on the right could have a tiny sliver of common ground with such a Pink and Punk Pinko Punko as myself? I guess we'll never know, and I must say I think I'm glad not to have seen any good in him. It is possible that he is a bad enough guy that we shouldn't be fooled whatsoever. That being said, does he have a right to his borderline hate speech? Absolutely. Could he be held responsible for one of his minions actions? Morally, yes. Legally, probably not. And that's what makes America a free country. Oh woops, they haven't figure that out.

*That bite I was talking about looks exactly like this one, but on the other side.