Wednesday, August 10, 2005

SMiLE Live - A review from a year later

As anyone that knows me can attest, one of the most exciting things that happened to me last year musically was the release of Brian Wilson's masterpiece SMiLE. After inhaling the music and allowing it to circulate and repopulate the cells of my body, I also took in my very first live Brian Wilson performance at the wonderful Orpheum Theatre. I was so engrossed with how they made the music - looking at the soundboard guy, studying the instruments, and watching the singing interplay.

So what was in store a year later for Brian Wilson's return go of SMiLE? A better and more confident voice, and a spectacular evening! True, the acoustics at the Bank of Boston pavillion can't compare to the more intimate and controlled setting as the Orpheum, but the music was every bit as magical as the first time I heard it performed. The highlights were, of course, Brian Wilson's medley of songs from Pet Sounds (capped by the perfectly tender version of God Only Knows - which was the first time that tears came to my eyes that evening) and the complete performance of SMiLE. Last year, Brian Wilson's voice was not as sweet sounding and he sounded tentative. There was none of that this year. Every song came off perfectly and it resonated all that stronger. Of course it didn't hurt that adorable girlfriend was in my arms this evening, perhaps giving a little extra meaning to some of the songs. It was a magical concert and a magical evening in the fine hot city of Boston.