Friday, August 19, 2005

Pinko's Friday Musical Poop Shoot

Massively uncool this week, let's dive in. Just in time for the Trolls to show up (where are you Lynyrd Skynyrd???????)

1. Minstrel in the Gallery-Jethro Tull
Very wanky Jethro Tull that gets kind of cool/heavy about 4:15 in. Lots of proggy bits, 7 minutes long, weird lyrics about some minstrel and some gallery, and of course the flute pops up. Very pretentious. Not cool/heavy enough to save my coolness, but rocking enough to raise even a skeptical eyebrow, if one is deaf to lyrics, for one minute out of seven. 3/10

2. Oh Madeleine-Oranges Band
My least fave song from an entertaining indie rock/pop album All Around. Pitchfork may have shat upon their new one, but you don't listen to Pitchfork, do you? 4/10

3. Souvenirs-Patrick Wolf
I have no idea how this got onto my computer. Folky, melancholic. I feel like listening to it later. I'm a douche. Skip. N/A

4. I Am Waiting-The Rolling Stones
Very romantic, very sixties ditty from Aftermath, the Stones on their way to the full blown psychedelia of Their Satanic Majesties Request. As usual, has a darker undercurrent than you would expect. I think a lot of people underrate the Stones because not enough of them have died yet. 10/10

5. Playground for a Wedgeless Firm-The Chemical Brothers
Probably one of the least successful tracks from Exit Planet Dust. Just not great, has a little bit of a baggy beat in the middle, but just not really listenable, let alone danceable. 3/10

6. Welcome to the Monkey House-The Dandy Warhols
Nice litle bit of title track cheek from their soon to be not latest album (they have a new one out soon).

The lyrics need to be quoted here:
Wire is coming back again
Elastica got sued by them
When Michael Jackson dies
We're covering Blackbird
And won't it be absurd then
When no one knows what song they just heard
Unless someone on the radio tells them first
So come on come on come on
Come on come on come on
Come on
Come on come on come on
You monkeys
7. Seymour Stein-Belle and Sebastian
Yuck. The worst B/S song? 1/10

8. Here Comes Alice-The Jesus and Mary Chain
Typical song from the homogenous Automatic. Fuzz rock scottish heroes with an america fetish. The highlight for me from this album is "Blues From a Gun". The song you know is "Head On". 5/10

9. Bells On-Sloan
Absolute genius unrequited "I love a girl but..." song from Canadian indie popsters Sloan from Twice Removed. A series of puns and twisting words of crushing emotion. Perfect for moping, and funny. Like a much sadder version of their first hit "Underwhelmed". Twisty Faster would claim patriarchy, but I would ignore her just for this one song. 9/10

10. Jack Ass-Beck
Secretly or not so secretly the best song from Odelay. I know you forgot you even had this cd. This is the best song. 1 billion/10