Thursday, August 04, 2005

On the munching of astroturf...

The evil wizards of the Gay-KK over at Sadly, No! have a little take on some surreal going's on regarding a Roger Ailes post about some conservative insanity at Captain's Quarters (a cobag if there ever was a cobag in this world). Basically some evil guys set up a fake "voting rights" group and they just issued a report saying Dems do more voter suppression than Repubs, but they are just making stuff up, and the Captain took it hook, line and sinker, but since there are two Roger Ailes in this world (one is Fox news honcho, and the other is not) but the second is unbeknownst to the commenters at Captain's Quarters. Hilarity ensues!

All the goodies on this astroturf group at the delightful Brad Blog.