Monday, August 29, 2005

Mr. Sensitivity...

where were you when this atrocity was published in the Purdue paper? Perhaps you were helping liberals hug trees in a less smothering and touchy fashion.
Stinky trees ruin campus ambience

They looked at pictures and said, "Gee, that would make the campus look pretty." I just wish they had thought far enough ahead to realize that although they look good, they smell like a Tarkington bathroom on a Saturday night. I can't wait until the pokeberry trees by Class of 1950 start dropping their foul fruit and making the area smell like a fraternity's front lawn. The poor landscaping choices, combined with the� West Lafayette funk, is almost too much.

Perhaps the tour group members I saw today scurrying across campus with their hands over their faces would provide the administration with enough motivation to plant something that doesn't reek of excrement.

I find it very funny that Purdue has decided to ban smoking. Cigarette smoke doesn't bother me, but wet butt stank does. Just because Purdue is full of unwashed enginerds doesn't mean campus has to smell like one. Unlike smoking, I think this is an issue everyone can agree on, and I know I'm not the only one who has noticed the problem. Why don't we replace some of the landscaping with something that looks good and doesn't smell like the brown side of a homeless man's pants?

Andrew Lowe
Sophomore, College of Technology
Sensitive? I think not. We are all in favor of snarky letters here at Three Bulls! and this guy had it going on until his last graf, but this cobag needs some sensitivity training, and I'm not talking about the trees, maroons. I forgot how Teh Funny homeless people were. I'm sure the ones Andy's talking about are hypothetical, because they probably freeze to death in the Indiana winter every year, so they don't blight his senses, and it probably was their fault anyway, right Andy? Purdue, climbing its way to the bottom of the Big 10 (and remember this Conference has Penn State and Ohio State- it's a long way down, kids!).

PS. Can we get a name on Capt. Sensitive below?