Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Goldberg Theatre Delay/Contest like non-contest

Monday Goldberg Theatre would not be Monday Goldberg Theatre if it went up on time on Mondays. That would be some other MGT, not this one. This one will be delayed. This one is more like "My Dinner With Jonah and K. Lo" therefore it requires research at the Corner, and I didn't hate myself enough this weekend to do it. Plus four people read it regularly, and only two people get it, and they don't even comment. We would take hate comments and requests. Also, if anyone has any action figures/characters they would like to suggest, let's hear them. We will have a contest for a Three Bulls! T-shirt for the best comment/action figure suggestion and/or donation. Legally this is not a contest, it is an exchange of one T-shirt for what Three Bulls! considers a useful idea and/or donation of action figures.