Tuesday, August 23, 2005

If it is too serious for you check out this crosspost from Delicious and Disgusting

This bit is borrowed from the serious post below and is a cross from Delicious or Disgusting, because Cookie Jesus knows, no one will read that post. The last bite of juicy In-N-Out burger......with the combination of crispy griddle-toasted bun, and cool lettuce and tomato with just the right amount of special sauce-is in fact even better than the first*. The absolute key here is the buttered bun that is machine-sliced so perfectly flat, and thrown on the griddle it until browned and toasty with that crispy ring around the outside that happens when you make pancakes at home but never happens at IHOP. This crispness contrasts with the special sauce, especially the saucy pickle, if any of it made it this far and juice from the burger, the still cool lettuce and actually decent tomato. I can only compare it to the last bite of a well packed ice cream cone where ice cream has lasted until the very end. Magnificent.

*That bite looks exactly like this one, but on the other side.