Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday musical revue

1. Undertaker - M. Ward
This is a sweet piece of AM nostalgia. It sounds like an much older song than it is. The guitar is slow, the singing slow, and the lyrics drowsy. Nice word play of "take me under undertaker take me home". 8/10

2. Golden Retriever - Super Furry Animals
Straight up rock song with good lyrics. More good word play abounds. The song isn't all that interesting though. Maybe it needs one more interlude or tempo change. 7/10

3. The Birds (narration) - Harry Nilsson
It might be a story and a narrative, but it doesn't take away from the charm of the music. It's about the leaf man. How cool is that? 8/10

4. Egg Hit and Jack Too - Grandaddy
This is really old Grandaddy material. All the elements of their sound are present, but it comes off more like a jam. Imagine old Dandy Warhols covering Grandaddy. I like some of the musical themes a lot but others are meandering. 7.5/10

5. This is not who we were - Mull Historical Society
More AM gold. It's all good music, but this one comes across a little saccharine-sweet. But the song is totally redeemed by the tempo change in the middle. Thank goodness becaues there are only so many times you can hear "This is not who we were; this is not who we're meant to be" without puking. 7/10

6. No Christmas While I'm Talking - The Walkmen
I can't make out a single lyric, but I like the music tremelo and buildup. It just has a good tense atmosphere and all the sounds are interesting. I like everything about this song. 8.5/10

7. Don't Say a Word (Hot Chicken #2) - Yo La Tengo
This song breaks your heart from the second it begins. It has the saddest sounding guitar I have ever heard. Ira is good at making his guitar sound like a woodwind and there is nice use of that effect. Music to have your heart broken by. 9/10

8. The View - Modest Mouse
This song doesn't sound like them except for the parts that don't sound like anybody else. I guess the melody is normal but the flourishes are all MM. Not bad, but not amazing. 7.5/10

9. Climb the Ladder - Of Montreal
Typical Of Montreal. The music is amazing and interesting, but the lyrics are somewhat insipid. This has more of an 80s influence. 8/10

10. Letter From an Occupant - New Pornographers
Perfect. The words that make no sense. The A.C. Newman falsetto. The Neko Case belting out. This song has been reviewed to death and always comes up the same. 10/10