Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Musical Poop Shoot

1. Never Let Me Down Again- Depeche Mode
Whether you want to consider it being about smack or not, this is what I consider the highpoint of a band that maybe is too 80s, “gay” or retro for a lot of people. This song would still kill in the club. Dave Gahan sings like he means it, and it almost killed him. For their formula, this is as relentless as they could get, and it almost gets out of the Depeche Mode box, but Martin Gore’s too precious outro singing brings it back down. 8/10

2. Destruction/Drawn- The Wrens
A nice little ditty of strummed guitar and two threads of lyrics dancing around each other. From New Jersey noise-popsters than might just run you over int he next song with a blast of basement rock. From Secaucus. 6/10

3. Underwear- The Magnetic Fields
A ditty about pretty boys and girls in their underwear. From the genius 69 Love Songs. 6/10

4. Be In- The Dandy Warhols
They open their show with this building, climbing psychedelic swirl of guitars and riffs. This riff was borrowed by BRMC in Heart +Soul. Probably (definitely) about sitting around doing drugs, I guess, in one’s room. Regardless, an awesome wall of sound that sucks you in, and they play the shit out of it in concert. 1 billion/10

5. Blown a Wish- My Bloody Valentine
From their great Loveless, which I suspect more people namecheck than actually like. These are the same people that sheepishly shit on their copies of Moby’s Play once that got played out and go to Pixies shows claiming they always like them, but still keeping their eye on which way the wind is blowing. Also the same guys that put the shiv in Weezer after their last album. Not my fave from this album. Multitracked to a million vocals, wall of sound collage that sounds like thousands of record players with shorts in their speed control. 6/10

6. When Will You Come Home-Galaxie 500.
From On Fire. The band that foreran Luna and Damon & Naomi, Northeast slow-core heroes. This one’s OK, but I am liking Luna more and more and would recommend checking out any of their albums. 7/10.

7. Before You Cry- Camera Obscura.
From the geniusly named Underachievers Please Try Harder. Scottish superstuds Camera Obscura sing pop gems about love and the absence of love. If Belle and Sebastian decided they wanted to care again. Boy and girls singers. One of the albums of last year. So very good. 9/10.

8. Orbitus Teranium- BT
Probably a cheezy song. I don’t know. Lots of bleeps, sounds like a video game, some bits sound really good, like the great incidental music BT did for Go on addition to the soundtrack, you know something that works OK in a movie about raves and shit. The sappy little piano breaks, those don’t work. 5/10. From ESCM.

9.Inner Meet Me- The Beta Band
Recently broken up Scottish psychedelic sound collagists/samplers/Brian Wilson worshippers dropped this on one of their stunning debut EPs available as The Three EPs. They will always amaze. 9/10.

10. She Hangs Brightly- Mazzy Star
Hope Sandoval sounds like she is singing over a lost Doors Track from a The End/When the Music’s Over extended poetry freakout. Not a highlight, but they have know bad albums. Title track from their first I believe. 6/10.