Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Deafening Silence On Right! BREAKING****

It is an absolute travesty that someone must look into. Is Hinderaker on the job? I doubt it? Hewitt? Good luck- he can't be bothered to get off his ba-bump-ba-bump-bump (thanks Missy!). LGF? Do they even care?

Glorious metal hair-os Iron Maiden were subjected to absolute Trollery and Malfeasance at the closing night of headlining leg of Ozzfest. Known Internet Trolls Asshat, Jock and Tubesock were reported leaving the scene with Kelly Osbourne. Rumors have it that media magnate Sharon Osbourne set up the whole travesty! We are SHOCKED that anyone would stoop so low. Could it be publicity? WHAT? Read the gruesome details here. I can't possible imagine how this could happen. It's a sad sad day and it's being ignored by the right side of the blogosphere. I wan't their denials of involvement and denouncement of Sharon Osbourne's comments about Bruce Dickinson IMMEDIATELY. We are forced to ask:

Separated at birth?