Monday, August 15, 2005

Awesome! The frontiers of stupid being pushed back as we speak!

Justice Sunday II. Everyone else is kicking ass on this one, especially Apostropher. We would like to add a couple of thoughts on Bill "Why Won't Anyone Shake My Hand, Don't We All Think Jews Are Behind Stuff?" Donohue's statement about "let's make all Supreme Court rulings unanimous." Seems like Bill thinks that the Supreme Court should have to vote 9-0 to overturn a law of Congress. That's great, Bill, but let's be even more fair, let's make Congress have to unanimously pass legislation, because it's the same principle, right? Wait, let's make a candidate have to take all 50 states to be elected POTUS! That would even be more fair! I think this means that places where dictators get 100% of the vote can show us a thing about how democracies should function.