Thursday, July 14, 2005

This man is a f*cked up idiot savant.

Maddox, a probable highly functioning autistic, tourette's having fluffy f*cker posts one delectable steaming pile of rudeness every 2-3 months. He is the Rude Pundit with ADHD. I give you his latest, whence he lances the hideous boil of self-referential cliqueness that is the motardo realm called by some "the blogosphere." Three Bulls! resides in the post-o-sphere, hence can sit on the sidelines, rubbing our jolly little tummies, with quiet contentment. Oh, since he's too cool to ever see this, we just borrowed his logo above as a visual aid. He's very understanding. Why can't Maddox use his powers for evil instead of good? He has his own Wikipedia entry here, showing how establishment he has become, which is hilarious on its own. Beloved by fraternity douches everywhere, we find it amusing that low quality acomedic web sites such as yours truly are hot metal pokers into his addled and anxious brain.