Friday, July 15, 2005

The post wherein Three Bulls! aims to prove market theory by our failure.

Three Bulls! currently have this terror cell snack machine under surveillance. It is imperative that you help us free a specific denizen of this al Qaida-like hostage pen. This object is the fuel for our Three Bulls! team members.

You can see our Object of Interest (OoI) in the grainy surveil blow-up.

Dear Readers, here is where you come in. We have some crap for your enjoyment. We solemnly swear that any proceeds exceeding those CafePress will be blowing on china white will be put into direct rescue operations for these Patriotic cheese puffs. You will, however, be held liable for our eventual Type II Diabetes and Colon cancer.

Please click the helpful link in our bourgeois sidebar to get to the rest of the goods. Considering our readership is in the ones, we estimate that our profits will marginally outpace inflation and these Cheetos will be rescued by the time the price hits $3.75 a bag

Some goodies featuring the lovable Sushi:

The natural way of the world is that delightful cartoon characters gain their power of delight by being massively exploited. Three Bulls! has undertaken to make Sushi's wishes reality, and begin its massive commercial exploitation. If only the Medium Lobster had been so savvy, it which delights on a multidimensional scale. Oh, well, Three Bulls! says hot butter to you Mr. Lobster! and Sushi says "Glerm". Click the link on the sidebar to aid in Sushi's delightfulness, your largesse can be seen to benefit this particularly insatiable device. If all goes well, our subsequent sales will be dedicated to that saucy, saucy Take Five! bar, oh how it taunts us so. Please subsidize its yummy destruction.