Saturday, July 02, 2005

Our poor insecure insurgents, if they had only been asked to the dance.

Hilzoy has some comments that reminded me of some thoughts I was having about the apparent low self-esteem of our insurging enemies. With the current administration claiming that those of the liberal persuasion wanted to give these guys a big hug, it strikes me as odd that their other rhetoric makes it seem like these guys want a hug. Case in point: picture our insurgents, hanging on the every word of their hate-crush, America. Being emoboldened or demoralized at our very whim. One simple word , no thought, from some Vegan, PETA loving 5th columnist, and their hearts leap with ecstacy, while the single wave of a flag or a Jonah Goldberg keystroke (Huzzah! Oh, I got cheetoh on my keyboard. Wah wah), and they are slapped down so hard they would trade places with a junior-high-attending, braces-wearing, unfortunately asymmetrically-boobed red-headed puddle of insecurties getting stood up for the dance. Now that we know this terrible weekness or our enemies, it seems to me that the administration has a clear and possibly invincible plan to exploit it. It involves three things: for every single American (losing just one blows the whole thing) to:

close their eyes,

click their heels,


a very large pair of these (no, cheeky moneys, not a pair of those) these: