Saturday, July 02, 2005

No one will ever know this was posted here.

...but this is important to read. Bush pere's physician says torture is bad. In an impassioned way. It's in the Washington Post. I note the absence of a Hitler reference. I would say +20 points! Burton Lee III, the doctor in question brings his personal experience of having to treat victims of French torture in Algeria in the 60s, thus he is able to use what we would think would be a teflon coated anecdote. No Hitler, no Stalin just those nefarious pussies the French. Let it suffice to say the torture in question was not the usual French fraternity hazing rituals of Gorgonzola and hairy armpits claimed by striped Gauloise smoking beret wearing radio-show having Roushe Le' m' baugh of the time. I'm sure the General would appreciate the knock on the French, but please consider the argument. If more individuals in this administration were more like Dr. Lee, the Uncanny Canadian mightn't be so proud to be un-American.