Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Musical Poop Shoot

First, two bonus tracks from London bands in honor of Norbiz's London list today. I wish this were for a different reason involving a distinct lack of killing. Nix, DB, Jude- hope everything is OK, and if you are, think of those that aren't, both at home and far away.

Bonus 1) The Violet Hour-Clientele. Incredibly retro haunting psychadelia from this tasteful London band. Seems to recall a more innocent time, which of course probably never existed. Still sad, but it the "I choose to be sad because of some girl way", not in the "we are destined for a lake of clusterf*ck" way. *sigh*. 10/10

Bonus 2) Girl at the Bus Stop-My Drug Hell. Another retro ditty, featuring: snow, an unknown pretty girl, an innocent proposal and a soul deflating declination. A pop gem, the idea of which for the moment has been rendered non-existent. This bands highpoint was probably that 10 bars of this song were used in an Miller Genuine Draft commercial, before people noticed music in commercials. Part of an ad campaign that also featured a (great) song by Boston garage DJ Land of the Loops sampling the movie The Brave Little Toaster (Phil Hartman RIP). I'm sure the unpaid summer intern running that campaign was rendered for sausage. 10/10

Tiny little bit of cheating. After reinstalling my OS for 7 hours we're utilizing the suck free, but still possibly marginal pile of songs. Do a clean install on Tiger people, don't just upgrade.

1. Planet Caravan-Black Sabbath.
I love this album (Paranoid), because you can hear the heaviness of Sabbath, but Ozzy is not yet a cartoon. This is a nice psychadelic mellow one. 8/10

2. It's a Hit-Rilo Kiley.
Pop genius. Lyrics here. Memorize and buy, and think of Dear Leader. 10/10

3. Somebody's Baby-Mr. Airplane Man.
Boston electric blues babes bash it out. Their new one is great, Moanin' from a couple years back too (whence this song comes). 6/10

4. Just Like You Said it Would Be-Sinead O'Connor.
Yeah she's crazy, whatever. The Lion and the Cobra is amazing. Remind yourself of that. 7/10

5. King of Spain-Galaxie 500
Rykodisc rereleased the albums by Boston indie greats Galaxie 500. My favorite is On Fire, while this is from Today, but you can't go wrong with any of them. Slow, atmospheric indie chamber rock. Featuring Luna's (RIP) Dean Wareham and Damon and Naomi from Damon and Naomi. 8/10

6. Never Leave a Job Half Done-Pedro the Lion
The only song I have by him, a driving indie pop gem. Might be about Jesus. Who knows. 8/10

7. Chump Change-The New Pornohraphers
The 8th best song of TNPs second album, yet still a 10/10. Esoteric art power pop- one of the Dan Bejar songs (the band Destroyer). Others on the album are sang by the inestimable Carl Newman and the alt-country goddess Neko Case.

8. Leave the Planet-Galaxie 500.
From On Fire. Their first. 6/10

9. Twist and Crawl-Death in Veags.
From Dead Elvis, which is a smattering of styles by a couple of DJs. Think less manic Chemical Brothers with more of their chill out side, plus some retro bits and this Jamaican dubby one. 6/10

10. Scorpio Rising-Death in Vegas.
One of the Gallaghers from Oasis is on this. It has no point. 2/10 for that fact alone. Except it is not Oasis who have slid into absolute decrepitude, so really 5/10. And I'm not saying they were ever good, just acceptable cartoons, like Thundercats, as opposed to G-Force. Or the other way around.

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