Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Musical Poop Shoot-To Educate You, Not Prove How Uncool We Are

Mixed bag this week.

1. Mull Historical Society- This Is Not Who We Were.
One man English band, jaunty retro pop. Maybe sounds a little bit like The Beautiful South, except not as cynical or annoying? TBS had the one guy from The House Martins that was not Fat Boy Slim (for the modern rock conoisseurs). This song from his album Loss. I'd say it is the middle of the pack for this album. 6/10.

2. To The Sky-The Cure.
Good "Pictures of You"/"Lullaby" type Cure song, not as maudlin, or maybe more. Was a rare track off of a Fiction records sampler, but I think it has been released with a compilation. Good song, somehow better when it was super rare and you felt lucky to own it. 7/10.

3. You Shook Me-AC/DC.
My love for this song has been completely sapped by sorority girl sing-alongs and just overall malaise. I am having a torrid affair with Bon Scott AC/DC and this song does not fit that bill. .1/10.

4. Come Into Our Room-Clinic.
From their harmonium covered retro garage creepy-fest Walking With Thee. The atmosphere on this album is great, but perhaps a little too much. Perhaps a little repetitive. Not my favorite from this album. But still good. I love Clinic. As you may know, these guys are weirdos, but they have their own sound that is for sure. 7/10.

5. Nietzsche-The Dandy Warhols.
This song can stand alone, but works best as the last of the first three songs from Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia. The songs "Godless", "Mohammed" and "Nietzsche" flow into one another. Whereas "Godless" has some stolen George Harrison guitar strumming in a musical pun and a retro blast of horns, and "Mohammed" is more psychedelic and opaque, "Nietzsche" is more of a typical Dandy Warhols wall of sound fest. There is the feeling that under their usual cheek, these songs are thematically linked as their musical linkage would suggest, while still being quite distinct from one another. Some like to blow these guys off as drug-fueled jackoffs, but they give a shit about the music that they make, and I've yet to seem them put on a shitty show. 7/10.

6. Just to See You-Papas Fritas.
Sesame Street sounding retro pop from Boston. One of their more serious outings. Guy and gal singers. Liable to put a smile on your face. From Helioself. 7/10.

7. Barnyard-Beach Boys.
A bit of Dixie Horns, the usual annoying wood block. This is the bootleg original without the extra lyrics from Smile. But the ooh ooh oooh oooh woos at the end just KILL, as they usually do. 9/10.

8. Fully Completely-Tragically Hip.
The live track from that one Woodstock (Saturday morning- before Limp Bizkit and the shit hitting the fan). Not my favorite version of this song. The best part of these Canadian heroes set was crazy front man Gord Downie's insane stage patter. On one of the other songs he was talking about Canadians infiltrating the US by coming over the frozen river, and he had a tie on and his earpiece made him look like a Secret Service agent. He also had one other riff about having to sleep inside his burro that he sliced open a la Empire Strikes Back at the Grand Canyon. 5/10.

9. Misunderstood-Wilco.
From Being There. Just an awesome mopey piano and guitar wreck of a ballad, maybe it is his hang dog Americana voice. With requisite feebacky drummy heavier part in the middle before it gets quiet again as is directed in the Wilco handbook of songs. Feels like it should be from some Cameron Crowe movie that doesn't exist instead of some other song that will inevitably be in it. I don't even know Cameron Crowe movies. I can't explain it. 9/10.

10. If It Feels Good Do It-Sloan.
Canadian power pop heroes. Probably the beginning of their downturn into less good, more straightforward rockin numbers. Still a great track, they did their best when being a little more angular and obscure with the occasional fun rock number like this thrown in the mix. From their poorly produced (guitars too thin, too tinny) yet underated Pretty Together. All albums from PT back are pretty good, especially their first and second. My personal fave is their 5th I think, Between the Bridges.