Thursday, July 07, 2005

F*ck the Canadian Curling Association

Somebody in the blogosphere needs to express the outrage that I know all Canadians share with me about the Canadian Curling Association backing out of their TV deal with CBC. Actually I'm sure a bunch of people have, but who the hell has time to read the rantings of insane Canadians? Anyhow, the nation can't take this. We just had to endure an entire year without the NHL. To Americans, that's like not invading a new Middle-East country for a whole year. The only thing we had left was curling. And who wants to watch curling on anything but the nation's public TV channel, CBC? Now mind you, the CBC screwed up coverage left and right, but that's their perogative, right? A contract is a contract. So for the f*ckheads that run the CCA, I say good day sir. If I can't watch my curling on CBC, I'm just not going to watch it at all. And believe me, I'm not the only person that sport is going to lose. There are dozens out there just like me. You better believe it fat pigs at CCA.