Friday, July 08, 2005

All Chick Friday Musical Audit

In light of growing and compelling evidence that I tend not to like female musicians, I have prepared a special music audit of only the most estrogenic random tracks from my iPod. Flame away!

1. Ghost Writing - Neko Case

Neko Case is so damned hot and talented and awesome, she kind of deserves her own deity category. Still, for simplicity sake, I will consider her a mortal woman. This song is one of the best from Blacklisted, her best CD. Don't ask why my favourite songs keep popping up randomly. The song is slow, bluesy, and sexy. Surprisingly, this track reminds me a little of a Kingsbury Manx song. Read 3Bulls long enough, and you'll hear a lot more about Kingsbury Manx. But for this song ... 10/10

2. Keep on Breathing - The Delgados

This track is one of Emma Pollock's so it's better than the usual Delgados song. Taken from their newest, last, and supremely awesome CD Universal Audio, this is a great song. It's dark and disturbing and the musically a little abrupt sounding. It's impossible to extract an ounce of happiness from this song - the most we can hope is to keep on breathing. Half way through the track, it slows way down and becomes a smoky and sad ballad. Her voice is great. 9/10

3. Around my Smile - Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

Just as good as Mazzy Star. Her voice is extra sultry in this track and it's slow and sad. Notice a trend here? I'm probably going to like it. It reminds me of a Gorky's Zygotic Mynci song that I really like. The best musical parts are the bells that come in midway and the faint bassy male accompanying voice. Slow Core never sounded better. 8/10

4. Tropical-Iceland - Fiery Furnaces

This is the version from the EP and not Gallowsbird's Bark. Therefore it's even better. But this song just screams cool. Icy icy cool. There's no point trying to classify the sound of Fiery Furnaces, but this is one of the straight rock songs, not the 8-part operetta kind. That doesn't mean that it doesn't have some crazy piano and percussion running through the middle. This song should (and possibly does) close every concert they do. The end is whacked good. 9/10

5. Pavlov's Bell - Aimee Mann

There was zero chance that Aimee Mann was not going to show up in this revue. This track is from Lost in Space, and is one of the slightly poorer songs on a great CD. The lyrics just aren't quite sharp or mean enough, and the instrumentation is a little uninspired. The constant refrain of "But we can talk about it" reeks whiny. Sorry Aimee, this might be the only song of your's that ranks a ..... 7/10

6. The Man with 100 Cells - Stereolab

Awesome title for a track about Dubya. Or maybe it's about something else. Who can tell if they're even singing in English or French. But this is a nice breezy track from Margerine Eclipse, a CD that should be under-rated if everyone weren't so clued-in to how awesome Stereolab are. It does get a little loungy at times, but the nice transition in the middle keeps in interesting. 7.5/10

7. Witness - The Delgados

Taken from The Great Eastern, this song typifies a Delgados song. It drips with regret and hopelessness. The build-up to the chorus is just great. Emma's voice is just so clear and noble, I desperately want to reach out and reassuringly put my hand on her shoulder. Very good track. 8/10

8. Huddle Formation - The Go! Team

Who knows how to categorize this music, but it has some pretty good girl power sampling going on. Great beat, great cool, and very danceable. I don't know why Go! Team isn't massive. Even includes hand claps. 8.5/10

9. Sweet-Lovin' Man - The Magnetic Fields

One of the rare girl tracks from MF. I suppose the band is all about sweet-lovin' men for all. It's got an synthy cheesy sound going on in the background, but the melody is good enough to not make that too annoying. Lyrics are, I presume, intentionally insipid. Kind of fun in its own right. 7.5/10

10. Oh, My Girl - Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

This is the title track, and not the best song from a pretty damn good album. I heard Jesse Sykes perform along with Iron and Wine, and they are ideally paired. Her voice is so gritty, I thought it could be a guy when I first heard it. The song has a nice alt-country twangy thing going on and (go figure) is slow and sad. The fiddle makes it extra melancholic and the slide guitar makes it extra good. 8/10