Friday, July 15, 2005

All Bets Are Off-Friday Musical Mystery Tour-NO CHEATING

1. Pariah-Danielle Dax
Electronic eccentric mistress of late 80s Anglo-club psychedelia. I made that genre up, but she's not describable. I don't like this song. The one yoy may or may not remember from her should be "Big Hollow Man", total genius, but you probably remember her lesser Modern Rock played once or twice "The Id Parade". 2/10 (an oddity)

2. King of the Mountain-Midnight Oil.
Earnest Australian modern rockers. Second single from Blue Sky Mining, probably their last album to legitimately get play. 4/10

3. The Long-Forgotten Fairy Tale-The Magnetic Fields.
One of their more 80s ones from 69 Love Songs, cribbing from Interferon, OMD and New Order, yet totally bloggy. Not my fave, but jaunty enough. Eat this, Killers cobags. 7/10

4. Rekkit-Death in Vegas
One of their bleepy, noisier, boringer ones from Dead Elvis. Death in Vegas are like a less meth more pot version of Chemical Brothers, but this is one of their methy ones. Their best are their chill out ones with dreamy chics singing. Not this one. 4/10

5. Love and Affection-Def Leppard
7th album track from the monstrosity known as Hysteria. Eat me. 400/10. The damage of this pestilence has already been catalogued here.

6. Prophecy Written-Barbara Manning
I don't love this. Indie Pop Rocks made me buy the album and of course I got it at Amoeba, it was listed as out of print. Bay Area Indie darling. 5/10

7. Uncertain Smile (original 12" mix)-The The
With record scratchy bits because I recorded it off vinyl. Looser that the long version of Soul Mining, without the nice piano solo outro from the Squeeze guy, instead and extended marimba? wood block? solo plus retro weird flute and sax solo instead. 10 minutes flat. Matt Johnson is a massively underrated songwriter. I like all The The. Perhaps the one you want to start with is Dusk, maybe the most accesible. I like Soul Mining and Infected.

"A broken soul stares from a pair of watering eyes/
uncertain emotions force an uncertain smile"

8. The Gambler-Kenny Rogers.
Continue to eat me. Infinity/10

9. Pet Sounds-The Beach Boys.
Annoying instrumental between amazing songs. Definition of dated. I'm baiting the Uncanny One here. He too can eat me. -1,000,000/10

10. King of Spain, Pt. 2-Galaxie 500.
I think this is boring. When they are amazing they are amazing but I'm not in the mood right now. Plus they just did some Brian Wilson wood block randomly. Yet it stuns me with some cool horns at the end. Saved! 7/10.

11. Acquiesce-Oasis.
My iTunes says f*ck Norbizness and Pinko Punko and all sound detectors in the universe. I still claim to like the song, but hate myself. A B-side and single from The Masterplan. The song that brok Liam's rhyming dictionary.-i/10.

12. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism-The New Pornographers.
Absolute genius power pop crack genius madness. Just read the title people. Makes a slow descent into alcoholism seem a perfectly jaunty topic for an amazing blast of bouncing goodness. Infinity/10.