Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pinko Punkos Friday Musical Audit

Since this is almost beneath our hero Norbiz, we'll throw something up to be shamed before the world.

1. If You Don't Cry- The Magnetic Fields.
One of the non Stephen Merrit sung ones (8/10).

2. Don't Tell Me (12" Remix)- Blancmange.
Don't tell me how much this dates me. Like something that should be on the soundtrack to Morgan Stewart's Coming Home but surprisingly isn't (2/10).

3. The Crystal Lake- Grandaddy.
Modesto's finest (7/10).

4. In A Different Place- Ride.
Not my favorite from this album. The definition of (4/10).

5. Heart in the Hand of the Mat- And You Will Know Us...
This album is a eensy bit trebly for me, the ol' Sonic Youth sheen, but still good (6/10).

6. Fire in the Hole- Tragically Hip.
Part of what makes the Uncanny Canadian uncanny is that he doesn't like Tragically Hip. This one doesn't hold up so much either. (3/10).

7. The Curdled Journey- The Sadies.
Often found to be backing the delectable Neko Case, these guys are pretty good (7/10).

8. Dirt- Death in Vegas.
Starts with a sample from the whole "It's a free concert from now on" speech from Woodstock and goes into the F-U-C-K chant from Country Joe, and then proceeds to make it sound like Woodstock the mud covered orgy that it probably was (10/10).

9. I Love My Car- Belle and Sebastian.
Too precious even for my perniciously twee liberal heart (4/10).

10. Talkin' Bout You- The Animals.
Thing about the white boy rock/blues thing is that even Eric Burdon sometimes makes me think the Blues Brothers are playing the song, or at least on this one (4/10).