Wednesday, June 29, 2005

An occasional series- Jr. High Logic

So I’m walking down the street and The Nutter Butter is coming the other way. At first I think he’s walking his dog in an odd fashion, but then I notice that it’s not a dog, it’s actually a goat. And he’s not walking it, he’s *ucking it. He is actually copulating with a live goat, who doesn’t seem to be consenting. In front of the world and Your G*d and all the angels, even the evil ones. Shocked to my very core, with my eyes burning, until I am physically blinded, I fall to the ground. I hear laughter mixed with the indescribable sound of a goat having something indescribable done to it. I grope and grasp with my throat choked with dust.
I call out to The Nutter Butter:

“You goat *ucker!”

Nutter Butter: “Ad hominem.”

I collapse, defeated by his deadly and deafening retort. He is the master and I am but his slave.

*Update* (from comments)

1. A->B
2. B & C
3. C
3. A & C

take that bitches. its true too.

if there are guys sitting around with college degrees then they are probably sitting around with too much time on their hands. they are sitting around with too much time and they are probably weenies. they are definitely weenies. therefore, if you are taking the time to read this you are probably a weenie.