Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Have a Confession

So all this talk about "gun cakes" and such and the big controversy at TBOGGs and Politburo Diktat (I can't link because I don't know what I'm linking to, cuz I got banned. Fine, I'll link, you can tell me about it in comments) has led me to an honest moment. One of the reasons I was so culturally insensitive about Frank's cake with a big wiener symbol on it, er, I mean a handgun, is that Geenie C. and myself celebrated OUR wedding with an even gayer cake. I think that is the right word. Troy could have popped out of the gun cake sporting, and it would have been less well, you'll see. I think I was projecting weird feelings having been awakened by the gun cake. See, Geenie Cola and I celebrated our love with a TOP GUN cake.
I'm represented by the majestic A10 Warthog, while Geenie C. is represented by the indeterminate possible F-14 Tomcat. "Flying together forever in Enduring Love formation, blazing through Freedom's skies into life's adventure"